From Design Management at Q2ebanking

2016 - 2017

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with extremely talented Designers, Engineers and Product Managers. See what they had to say about what it's like to work with me. 👇

I worked with Amanda at Q2, where she was a UX Designer. Amanda is a team player who collaborated well with the rest of the UX Design team. She has a particularly special gift for creating modern, aesthetically appealing and usable interfaces for desktops and mobile devices. The commercial payments feature she helped redesign for our financial institutions' business customers led to a dramatic increase in the feature's System Usability Score, and ultimately greater customer satisfaction. She knows how important it is to truly understand the users' needs and has a passion for creating experiences that make users' lives easier. Amanda stays aware of the latest trends and tools in UX and shares her knowledge with her teammates. Formal presentations of our work, learnings, and ideas are common at Q2, and Amanda's presentations were always clear, polished, professional and well-informed. I was happy to work with her and believe there's no limit to what she can accomplish in her career. - Lisa Wade

From an Engineer at Q2ebanking

2016 - 2017

Working alongside Amanda has always been a pleasure. Not only due to her professionalism, solid deliverables and openness to communication, but her caring for the user experience even in the face of deadlines. It can be all too easy to fold when confronted with huge projects looming overhead assigned by product, but Amanda always seemed to play it cool. I've consistently seen Amanda meet acceptance criteria while conversing with development to integrate feedback all while considering what's best for the real people using the app. For all these things I'm grateful to have worked with Amanda and I'm sure you will be too. - Joe Wroten

From my Manager at Lithium Technologies

2014 - 2015

A visual design craftsman at heart and an experts ability, Amanda's eagerness to learn, capacity to understand, apply and thoughtfully extend UX learnings and concepts she morphed into a wonderful UX/UI designer contributing to iOS, Android and web experiences. I look forward to keeping an eye on Amanda's wondrous design career positively impacting the people she works with and products she works on. - Brian Salay