Lithium - Social Media Marketing Analytics Dashboard



Enterprise companies with marketing departments using Lithium Publish need a way to track how their campaigns are performing.


Marketing managers needed a way to see and track how the performances of the marketing campaigns were doing. Providing access to see what is performing well and being able to track various posts within each campaign was important to keep generating revenue.

For Who

Marketing Managers who are responsible for lead generation and the effectiveness have dashboards to track how campaigns are performing. This type of user also works with the marketing team to coordinate marketing posts.


For this feature I was the sole designer responsible for the end-to-end experience. I worked closely with the Product Manager to gather insights through out the process, specifically around data presentation and data order. For this feature I had daily interactions with a team of 4 engineers and QA.


The designs for these analytics dashboards had to be based off the HighChart Library and they had to reuse some charts that were already in the product. Keeping these constraints in mind, the new designs also had to be tested and delivered within a month for the Beta release of the new product within 5 months.


Lessons Learned

Data analytics is a very complicated and broad area. Working with data analytics was a learning process for the team and myself. The ideation stage had to happen quickly to properly test and integrate findings into additional iterations before delivering to the development team.