Lithium - Mobile Social Media Marketing Analytics





Enterprise companies with Social Care teams need a way to gain quick insights on how teams are performing. These insights needed to be available on the go, early in the mornings, late at night or any other times a user was away from their desktop computer.


CEOs, Team Leads, Department Managers all needed a way to see and track how the company’s social care team was performing. Providing quick access into the items that provided insights into the team’s performance was important to maintain the brand experience.

For Who

CEOs and Team Leads that have a dashboard to track how various areas of the company are performing. This type of user checks in often to see if there are any unexpected spikes in volume, general trends and to see what are people saying about the brand.


For this feature I was the sole designer responsible for the end-to-end experience. I worked closely with the Product Manager to gather insights through out the process and had daily interactions with a team of 3 engineers and QA.


The designs for the new mobile feature needed to be delivered within a month and the entire product delivered within 4 months. I also had to figure out how to carry over custom desktop dashboards into a mobile view. Maintaining the order of the dashboards was high priority, as well as, maintaining a quick and fluid performance of the dashboards on mobile.

Lessons Learned

Customers were very excited to have access to these dashboards on mobile devices and hearing how these people talked about using the data helped inform the design decisions. I also questioned and revisited the architecture of the app to improve the mobile experience. Helping these people get to the areas they care about quicker was part of building the experience. In the end, hearing how our customers loved using the new design of the app helped confirm we were on the right track.